• Dog Talk – Time

    This episode Mike talks about controlling time and why it is important.

  • Dog Talk – Interview With Jennifer Miller (Luc’s Mega Minion Bash)

    Mike had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Jennifer Miller. She is putting together a fundraiser to help pay off some medical bills from her son’s surgery as she and her family prepare for Luc’s (her son) next 2 surgeries.

  • Dog Talk – Don’t Quit

    In this episode Mike talks about not making excuses and just doing it. People are supporting you and you have to push through and not quit.

  • Dog Talk – Mike and Dawn featuring Plexus

    Mike interviewed Dawn Regner of Plexus and discussed how it helps others and could help you.

  • Dog Talk – Announcement for Therapy Dogs

    Mike discusses that he is starting a new training program to train and certify Therapy Dogs.

  • Dog Talk – Episode 12

  • Dog Talk – Episode 11 – Socialization, Jumping, Fear

    Welcome back! This week we wanted to talk about a question that we hear often, “How do I get my dog to stop jumping up on me?” The first section of this week’s segment will cover this important question. Ever heard of the phrase, “puppy socialization”? Although this sounds like a phrase that is left Continue Reading

  • Dog Talk – Episode 10

    This episode focuses on introducing Blue Line K-9’s newest apprentice, Theresa. Theresa has 10 years of dog training experience both in a professional and personal setting. Theresa and Michael J. Soler discuss the opportunities that proper dog training offers not only for the dog but also their families. Theresa also shares some of her previous Continue Reading