BLUE LINE K-9 Disclaimer Waiver

I understand that due to the large number of clients that Blue Line K-9 Inc. see each day and their desire to provide the best training possible, the scheduled appointment times are an approximation. All training sessions are scheduled by appointment and I am responsible for contacting Blue Line K-9 Inc. to schedule such sessions. All private sessions require a 24-hour cancellation notice or a $50 fee will apply


I understand the full training fee and equipment cost is deemed earned & non-refundable for private training upon delivery of the equipment or first training session.


I understand that due to the small amount of openings in each group class there will be no refunds for group training registration.


I understand that the public portion of the advanced program may take place in a small group setting at one of the local parks, training locations or shopping centers, which will provide optimum results for both the dog(s) and the owner.


I confirm that all required vaccines (DHPPC, Rabies, Bordetella) are current. Furthermore, I believe this animal has no known health problems, chronic physical conditions or injuries.


I am responsible for the outcome of my dog(s) and results may vary. I understand that following the instructions as laid out by Blue Line K-9 Inc. will give me optimum results. I am responsible for reading, purchasing and utilizing any literature provided or any tools required in training. I realize that I have hired Blue Line K-9 Inc. as professionals to determine which tools are needed to help me train my dog(s) to my expectations. I am responsible for the successful training, control and conduct of my dog(s) at all times.


A charge of $50 shall be charged for any check returned unpaid by your financial institution for any reason. Should a check be returned, all instruction shall be discontinued until the training fee and return check fee are paid in full. Should collection e orts become necessary, Blue Line K-9 Inc. may recover all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees.


I understand that the remote collars are NOT TO BE LEFT ON UNATTENDED, OVERNIGHT, OR FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME and I will read the collar instructions as provided by the manufacturer. Blue Line K-9 Inc. is not the manufacturer of the training equipment.


I consent photography and/or video from training sessions become property of Blue Line K-9 Inc. and may be used in training, advertising, promotional material or any other purpose.


I understand that any Blue Line K-9 Inc. knowledge / methods of dog training cannot be utilized in any manner that is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation.


I understand that if my dog(s) is: dog aggressive, and/or people aggressive, I agree to use a muzzle during the training sessions. There are no guarantees that aggression will disappear with training. It is the owner’s responsibility to muzzle the dog(s) and keep the dog(s) out of potential problem situations at all times, not just during the training sessions.


I am responsible for the control, conduct and training of my dog(s). I am solely liable for any injury to person(s) or damage to property caused by or to my dog(s) or self /guest. I hold harmless and shall indemnify and defend Blue Line K9 Inc, Animal Care Center, Hopewell Management, inc, Hopewell Real Estate llc, Dianna Beavers, Brian J Picha, Victoria N Picha, Alexander J Picha, and Harold D Beavers, NVA Churchville Veterinary Management LLC, RPS Jr. LLC and Streett Family LLC, Baron’s K-9 Country Store, nor any of its workers or agents from any and all injuries or damage caused by or to my dog(s) or self /guest whatsoever. I agree that although Blue Line K9 Inc. can provide equipment and instruction for the training of my dog(s), Blue Line K9 Inc. does not maintain control of my dog(s).