Good Dog Training Doesn’t Just Happen

Luck. We all want to be lucky whenever possible, but we don’t recommend leaving your dog’s training to luck. When it comes to your relationship with your furry companion, there’s no replacement for good dog training, not even if you’re lucky.

We’ve all heard someone say how they were so lucky to have gotten such a good dog, how their dog listens and they didn’t even train them. Some dog parents think how in the world did that happen? And why couldn’t it have happened to them?


All dogs have the capacity to be good, obedient dogs. The fact that some are with little effort isn’t luck. It usually has to do with the breed, but more so, it has to do with training that took place without the owner realizing it was happening. 

There is no getting lucky, you can’t replace good dog training with hope and a prayer. When owners believe they didn’t train their dog and that they are just naturally well-behaved, usually they have been training their dog without realizing it. This leads to potentially stressful situations in the future as deliberate training with specific commands never took place so the owner actually has no idea what commands the dog follows or why. That makes it tough to replicate the command out of a specific context. 

Dogs are smart and they learn what we want them to do in certain situations. But if a dog always sits before being fed, they don’t actually know the sit command, they know to sit to be fed. Then later when the owner tells them to sit without food, the dog has no idea what they are talking about. 


There is no replacement for good dog training. We believe every dog and every owner deserves the benefits of great training. We use positive reinforcement for our training programs, which not only brings the benefits of obedience training, but it also makes training fun and deepens your relationship with your four-legged best friend. 

When you think about it though, we’re all pretty lucky because we have dogs in our lives to love us. Who else is going to be that excited when you walk into a room? Exactly. 


Treat yourself and your dog to one of our training programs to celebrate your companionship. 

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