Blue Line K-9 is committed to bringing you the highest quality of dog training and service.


100% NO WAY YOU CAN LOSE, Take it to the BANK Guarantee:

Blue Line K-9, Inc guarantees that if you make an honest effort to follow our instructions and do the easy homework with your dog, that we will Train your Dog to eliminate a behavior or add a behavior as you have listed on this page or we will fully return your money with no fuss.

What is required from you:

To provide us access with your dog for 3 different times of at least 1 hr. To put an honest effort to follow all instructions with your dog and any easy homework we provide to you.
If you have met the requirements above, and your dog's behavior as listed on your agreement, has not been eliminated or added as you requested on your contract, then we will at your option, continue to work with the dog till the behavior is eliminated or added as requested on this page or we will refund your money 100% to you.