Keeping your dog on a routine.

Routines are important to dogs, it’s how they naturally interact with the world around them, they like to know what’s happening and know what to expect. 

The recent COVID-19 measures have brought drastic changes to the lives of many of our pets and then as more of us have been going back to work in person and daily routines are changing again. 



Stay consistent.

During this season of uncertainty and change, find a routine for your dog that can be maintained in a similar fashion regardless of where you are working or what else you are doing. Consistent walking and feeding times along with consistent wake and sleep times are ways to help your dog know what to expect every day no matter what it might look like. 

If you have more time at home during remote work, but don’t normally, perhaps save the extra walks for the weekends, mornings, or evenings so that you can either maintain these new routine elements or gradually ease them away. 


Date your dog. 

That’s right, your dog and you share a relationship and like any relationship, it needs nurturing and individual attention. Pick once or twice a week, or more, whatever fits your schedule, and have a date with your dog. Be sure this is a time you can maintain no matter what your work schedule might look like or how active your social life might become. 

Not only will this help your dog know what to expect, but it will also give you both a chance to deepen your bond with one another. 


Training is playtime. 

Keep training and playtime consistent as well. Just because there aren’t as many outings to dog parks or as much pent up energy or anxiety to deal with doesn’t mean training should stop. Our motto here is to never stop training. Training gives you both something familiar to work on, and in times of uncertainty, that can bring a sense of comfort. 


Make the most of your dog’s routine and playtime with quality dog training at home! Our Dog Owner University offers virtual training that you and your dog can work through at your own pace. Get more information here.

Remember, dogs are wonderful companions, and if you’re in a situation where you can’t be very social or even see a lot of other people, take comfort that you’re never truly alone when you’re a dog owner. Especially when you have food, haha. 


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