There’s a reason why they call it puppy love.

Puppies are amazing. Cute, soft and full of silly antics, there are few people who don’t melt at the sight of a puppy, even the hardest of hearts can cave when a tiny warm tongue licks their cheek. 

However, puppies don’t stay sweet, cute, fluffy puppies for very long. Soon they are awkwardly bigger and unaware of their size and into E V E R Y T H I N G and likely chewing on whatever they can find, including your favorite pair of shoes. Housetraining can feel like a nightmare where your house smells like dog urine all the time. 


This rather quick transformation is often the culprit for why many dogs are rehomed. 

Don’t be a victim of puppy love, turn those early cuddle-filled days into a lifetime of beautiful companionship with the right training for you and your sweet pup.

Like any relationship, the one you have with your dog has a honeymoon period and then for it to remain fulfilling and healthy, it takes work and communication. The trouble is, dogs don’t speak human and well, we don’t exactly speak dog. That doesn’t mean we can’t understand each other though. It simply means we have to put a method of communication into place and that is done through positive, consistent training. 



The good news is puppies learn fast and love it! Training is playtime and what could be better than play for a young puppy?  Training your puppy early means less frustration for both of you and more fun. 

There are many options out there for training, ranging from stay and train programs to hands-on collaboration courses, to do-it-yourself guides. There are advantages to each, but in the end, you’ll have to take an active role in training. After all your puppy is your companion and loves you the most. 

We offer many training programs and firmly believe you never stop training. It’s better to think of training as a means of communication and play with your dog and you never want to stop doing either of those. 

Don’t let puppy love get the best of you and your new pup. Put the time and effort into a real, thriving relationship from the very beginning and invest in puppy training. 



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