Welcome to Dog Owner University

It’s finally time! 


We’re excited to bring you a completely new experience in dog training. After a lot of hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm, we are proud to announce our long-awaited virtual training option, Dog Owner University, is now available and open for enrollment! 


What exactly is Dog Owner University? 

Dog Owner University Programs are available virtually, so you never have to leave your house to use them or participate in them. 

What are the benefits of training virtually?

By training virtually you’ll never have to worry about scheduling conflicts, commuting, or changes to recommended activities due to a pandemic. You will have high-quality dog training RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. 

  • Train on your own schedule. 
  • Train where it makes the most sense for you. 
  • Train at your own pace. 
  • Get all of the equipment and support that you need to succeed!


Train on your own schedule. 

Life can be crazy, and now it’s even more unpredictable than normal. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to train when it’s most convenient for you and your dog? Dog Owner University makes that possible! 

Train where it makes the most sense for you.  

Most of us are staying home a lot more now, training at home or in a local park might make more sense than in a training center. Dog Owner University can even go on the road with you!  

Train at your own pace.  

Dogs sometimes need more work to really learn certain commands, while others breeze right through. With Dog Owner University you can spend extra time on something in particular when necessary and work quickly through other skills if that makes more sense. 

Get all of the equipment and support you need to succeed!

Dog Owner University is about more than giving you the instructional tools you need to give your dog high-quality dog training. We will also have packages available that include all needed equipment and packages that include one on one time with a professional dog trainer.  

Pro tip: If a dog trainer is the person who introduced your dog to the consistency of the training process, then your dog has never learned to break the rules with them as they did you. Your consistency, as your dog’s main trainer, makes them realize that taking advantage of you, does not get them more of what they want.  

So often we hear about how great a dog is with the trainer but as soon as they go home, their behavior slips back into old habits. Using our training modules online with Dog Owner University not only eliminates this issue, but it enables the dog trainer to observe the dog in their home and the behavior they resort to, helping the training provide the proper guidance to you, the dog owner.  


What programs are offered?

We are currently offering our Puppy Platinum Program and our Coaching Unleashed Program but will be adding more in the future. (Have a request? Let us know!) 

The Puppy Platinum Program has three options:

  • Puppy Platinum Program 
  • Puppy Platinum Program Plus 
  • Puppy Platinum Program VIP


Puppy Platinum Program – $397 

You get access to our virtual puppy platinum training program which mirrors our popular puppy training program that teaches your puppy foundational commands that you will utilize throughout your dog’s life. Some of these commands are Sit, Down, Come, Loose Leash Walking, Wait at the Door and Name Recognition! This program includes 6 months of online access to all training modules. 


Puppy Platinum Program Plus – $497 

Includes everything in the Puppy Platinum Program


All necessary equipment for the program will be provided and mailed to you.


Puppy Platinum Program VIP – $997

Includes everything in the Puppy Platinum Program Plus

You also get the VIP treatment:

One on one coaching time with master dog trainer Michael J. Soler.


Coaching Unleashed – $397/month

Have a specific training issue or special situation? Get exactly the training and expert advice you need for your dog and specific training needs with our Coaching Unleashed program. You’ll get:

  • Unlimited coaching emails and conversations with our master dog trainer Michael J. Soler.
  • 2 hours of coaching calls per month
  • Video recording of coaching calls
  • Homework Assignments



How do I sign up?

Register now with the form below for our Puppy Platinum Program and receive 10% off!  


Dog Owner University Early Access

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